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Help Protect The Rainforest At Caracol Eco Resort and Spa

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Guest can help the Mexican Rainforest while staying at Caracol Eco Resort and Spa in Cancun.  The Sandos Caracol ECO Resort and Spa  is where there is plenty for your family to discover and teach your children to help save the rainforest as well and environmental other activities for children.


It’s the perfect destination and resort for eco adventure families.  The resort focuses on teaching children to live in harmony with nature and to take care of the environment.  They offer an Eco -Tour for kids to teach them to respectfully interact with the environment. Kids can also bike ride on the trail, plant a tree (give back to nature), or attend an interactive eco-talk.   My favorite about the resort is that they help support the rainforest!

Adventure Activities
Bike Path: Take a trip through the property’s abundant natural attractions, including a nearby authentic Mayan archeological site.
The Underground Springs Route: This wilderness path leads through the jungle and past a series of natural underground springs.
Mangrove Path: Explore one of the most important coastal habitats along the Mexican Caribbean.
Mayan River: Take a tranquil boat ride through a winding river and encounter native plants and animals along the way.

Nature Activities
Bird Sanctuary: Admire a multitude of multicolored birds in a lush environment.
Deer Encounter: Observe white-tailed deer in a natural jungle habitat.
Discover the Mayan Jungle: An abundance of local wildlife permeates the jungle—over 60 species of mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians.
Turtle Lagoon: Several species of freshwater turtles sun themselves in our lagoons.
Iguanas: These prehistoric jungle reptiles are present throughout the property.
Mangrove Crabs: These eye-catching crustaceans delight guests with their bright colors and peculiar scampering.
Plant a Tree: Sandos supports the conservation of Mexican rainforests in Quintana Roo. Guests are invited to take part in this important program.

This sounds like a great resort for families looking for a relaxing eco vacation.