Travel Guide to Memphis

written by: September Traveler

Memphis borders Mississippi River and is the largest city in Tennessee State. The city has a population of about 700,000 and is commonly refereed as the birthplace of Rock ‘n’ Roll and the home of Blues. It has extremely many worthy attractions. This hub provides useful information on Memphis travel including hotels, restaurants, attractions, nightlife and other offers. This will ensure that your Memphis vacation is enjoyable and remains memorable.
Things to do
Rock ‘n’ Roll is believed to have its roots in Memphis. The city is also regarded as the home of Blues music. Soul music legends such as Otis Redding, W.C. Handy, B.B. King, Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley started their careers in Memphis. Today, their influence is still evident in the city. You can visit “Memphis Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum”, “Stax Museum of American Soul Music” Sun Studio or Graceland. Besides, you can experience live music by taking a night walk along the Beale Street.
It is believed that taking a meal in Memphis is an experience to the stomach and soul as well. The city is popularly known for its specialty in barbeque. When you visit Memphis, just ensure you stop at one of the barbeque joints in the city for that taste from Corky’s to Rendovous.  Besides, you can do a favor to your taste buds by trying some of the delicious meals offered at restaurants in the city. The restaurants serve great tastes including sushi, steak, soul food, juicy burgers and international cuisines. Moreover, these restaurants have some of the best chefs who have won various awards such as Circa.
Many cultural activities will make your Memphis vacation enjoyable. These include museums and performing arts. You can visit the traditional Orpheum Theatre and experience Memphis culture live. The city is also home to symphony orchestra, opera and ballet companies that are professional and nationally acclaimed. The museums display dazzling pieces of fine art, which will give you a feel of their culture. Some museums will even allow you to listen to some of the music that has made history for the city.
Make your Memphis vacation a family affair. You can have much fun with any of your family members, from your grandmother to your kids. Many Memphis attractions are perfect for kids. There are children museums and picnic sites including Memphis Zoo and Shelby Farms pack where kids can enjoy watching animals. Besides, Mississippi River provides the perfect place to take a riverboat cruise with your family.
Memphis is a popular shopping destination. The city has modern malls that sell everything you can desire. Make sure you shop for the latest fashion trend while in Memphis. Besides, visit any of the numerous antique shops, which sell vintage merchandise. You can also check art galleries or funky records stores and get an item for yourself.
Where to stay
Memphis has nice hotels which include  the Madison Hotel,  Westin and Peabody Hotel near Beale Street.  Peabody hotel is one of the most architecturally and historical significant Memphis hotels.

Getting to Memphis
You can get in Memphis by plane, by car, by train or by bus. Memphis has an international standards airport that remains the busiest in handling cargo around the world. This is because it serves as the main distribution center for FedEx Company. This is significant because it has made eBay purchases a wonderful reality in Memphis. Besides, Delta Air Lines, which is one of the largest airlines in the world, has its hub in the airport. This provides excellent international and regional flights services, which is instrumental for your Memphis travel. Besides, you can use other airline companies that ply Memphis route. These include US Airways, United Airlines, American Airlines and Air Tran Airways.
There are several routes to get in Memphis by car. I-55 route takes you direct to town. You only need to take the exit on Riverside drive, whichever direction you might be coming from. You can also take the Interstate 470 route to get in Memphis. Parking is provided free in Memphis, apart from downtown. Nonetheless, you can find affordable places to park your car downtown. However, you should be aware of parking vendors who charge exorbitant parking fees during peak times.
You can also get in Memphis through Amtrak train services. The trains run up and down Memphis making connections to various hubs. There are also a number of buses that offer transport in Memphis. These include Greyhound, Megabus and Metropolitan Shuttle.

Getting around Memphis
You can get around Memphis by driving, through public transit or The Bettie Bus. If you have to visit any destination away from downtown, then driving is the only option. Moreover, the city provides bus services, which you can take advantage to get around the city. Nonetheless, you should be aware that public transit is affected in some routes in the evening and during weekends, which can be a challenge. On the other hand, The Bettie Bus provides local tours and airport shuttle services.

Staying healthy
Memphis has good hospitals, which you can seek medical attention for a healthy Memphis vacation. They include Saint Francis, Baptist and Methodist hospitals. Besides, there are numerous medical clinics in Memphis city, which you can visit as well. This is especially because the main hospitals are usually overcrowded. Besides, you can visit other major hospitals located in the suburbs of the city. Such include Baptist East and Methodist Germantown hospitals.

Beale Street

Beale Street is one of the most famous streets in Memphis with great places to dine and listen to music from BB KIngs Blues Club to Hard Rock Cafe.