Military And Airline Discounts On Disney Vacations


Disney Cruises

Airline Discounts

Disney offers interline discounts on select sailings to Vacations To Go customers who are currently employed with a domestic or international commercial passenger airline. Retired airline employees are also eligible provided the airline is still in operation (e.g. retired employees of Eastern Airline do not qualify). Qualifying employees must submit a photocopy of their company identification card at the time of booking. Disney will charge guests the standard market rate if they do not receive proper documentation within 48 hours of booking.


Military Discounts

Disney offers military discounts on select sailings to active personnel currently serving in the United States
Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, National Guard, Navy, Marines, or Reserves, and to United States Department of Defense personnel. Retired personnel from any of these divisions are also eligible. “Retired” is defined as
A) enlisted personnel or officers with a minimum of 20 years of service,
B) medically retired, or
C) 100% disabled. Veterans with an honorable discharge who are 100% permanently disabled are eligible. A military ID with the code of DAVPRM printed on the front is required for veterans. Qualifying guests must present a photocopy of the proper military ID and a driver’s license or passport at the time of booking.
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