Travel Insurance


Often travel arrangements are non-refundable or subject to stiff cancellation penalties. The lowest cost airline and cruise offers usually penalize you greatly if you must cancel your trip. What if your travel supplier declares bankruptcy? Someone in your family falls ill or dies? You lose your job?

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Travel insurance protects your travel investment in such situations.
Baggage Loss or Delay
You’ve heard it before, but it bears repeating: leave your valuables at home! But what if your bags are damaged, lost or stolen or they just don’t arrive on time?

Terrorist Incidents
Since 2001, Terrorist Incidents that disrupt travel plans have become a reality. If your planned trip is affected by an unforeseen Terrorist Incident, the TravelSafe plans are there to protect you.

Medical Expenses / Emergency Assistance
Does your health insurance cover you when you leave home? Some plans only offer limited coverage away from home; Medicare does not cover you outside the United States at all. What if you need emergency medical transportation? Many personal plans do not provide this type of coverage.

Trip Cancellation or Interruption
Unforeseen events or reasons beyond your control can influence your travel plans. Do you want to protect your prepaid trip costs if you must cancel or interrupt your trip?

Trip / Travel Delay Benefits
What if you are stranded in a connecting city due to a flight delay or cancellation? Who is going to pay for your hotel stay and what about meals? The Trip / Travel Delay benefit reimburses you for meal and hotel expense due to carrier and other covered delays of 6 or more hours. Airlines don’t pay these expenses unless they are responsible for your delay. Most delays are due to bad weather, which is beyond an airline’s control, and the bad weather causing your flight delay could even be in a city not on your itinerary.