Wedding Requirements

All Inclusive Caribbean Wedding Requirements

Please find a basic list of wedding requirements in the Caribbean. The documents listed below will vary depending on your marital status and whether you’ve had a legal name change for any reason.

It is necessary to arrive 1 to 5 days prior to your ceremony depending on the destination.

Documents Required:

  • Notarized Copies of Birth Certificates
  • Notarized Letters stating single status
  • Completed Wedding Information Forms
  • Certified Divorce Decrees (all pages)
  • Certified copies of Name Changes or Adoption Papers
  • Former Spouse’s Death Certificate and Marriage License
  • Legal translations into Spanish (Mexico & Punta Cana)

Your marriage will be legal and binding worldwide if you do the legal or civil ceremony.  You will most likely receive you official license 6 to 12 weeks after you return home.

We work with all inclusive wedding resorts that we use will guide you through all the necessary paperwork and procedures. Keep in mind that the costs and waiting periods below are the requirements and costs set by each island if you were doing everything yourself. The cost charged by the resort will usually vary slightly and in some cases the resort will absorb the cost, i.e. when you stay 6 nights or longer in a concierge room category or higher at Sandals Grande Antigua. Requirements listed below assume you are both citizens of the USA and both are at least 21, and all your documents are in English.

All Inclusive Wedding Requirements by Destination


  • Cost: US $240 total
  • Waiting Period: 1 day.


  • Waiting Period: 2 full business days
  • Requirements: All documents to be submitted at least one month prior to wedding date. Legal ceremonies are required to be performed at the Civil Town House and documents require apostilles*. Most resorts also will follow that up with a reenactment on the beach or your choice of location at the resort. You can also do a symbolic ceremony in Aruba and get officially married at home before you leave. This is very common to avoid extra expenses and extra leg work on documentation. Please note that rates you might see for resorts offering wedding packages in Aruba may or may not include the trip to the Civil Town House if you plan to have a legal ceremony. I.E. Riu Palace Aruba requires you pay approximately $495 to to arrange the civil ceremony transportation, etc.


  • Cost: $100 for license.
  • Waiting Period: 1 day.


  • Barbados Marriage Requirements
    It is very easy to get married in Barbados as there is no required waiting period or minimum length of stay. Application for a marriage licence must be made by both parties in person at the office of the Ministry of Home Affairs. Applications for marriage licences must be made between the hours of 8.30 a.m and 3.30 p.m Monday to Friday. You will require:Valid passports or birth certificates.
    Return tickets.
    If either party was divorced, an original Decree Absolute or a certified copy of the Final Judgment. The Decree Nisi is not accepted.
    If either party was previously married and widowed, a certified copy of the Marriage Certificate and Death Certificate in respect of the deceased spouse.
    For a Roman Catholic ceremony, the relevant documents must be sent by your bishop to the bishop of Bridgetown.
    Where necessary, all documents not in English must be accompanied by a certified translation.
    Arrangements should be made with a Magistrate or Marriage Officer to perform the wedding ceremony, prior to applying for the marriage licence. A letter from either the Magistrate or Marriage Officer must be presented at the time of making the application.
    Fees for the license are as follows:
    If neither party is a citizen or a resident of Barbados: US$100 (BDS$200) cash and a US$12.50 (BDS$25) stamp
    If either party is a citizen or a resident of Barbados: US$22.50 (BDS$45) cash and a US$5.00 (BDS$10) stamp
    Fees for civil marriage ceremonies:
    US$125 (BDS$250) – Magistrate fee for ceremonies held in the court
    US$175 (BDS$350) – Magistrate fee for ceremonies held out of the court
    You may contact the Ministry of Home Affairs at tel: 1-246-621-0227, fax: 1-246-437-3794, e-mail


    • Certified copies of birth certificates or valid passports.
    •  Blood tests taken within 15 days of the wedding date.
    •  Tests for sexually transmitted diseases (STD), including HIV.
    •  A copy of both tourist cards received at immigration.
    •  Four witnesses.
    •  For previous marriages, you will need to show a divorce decree or certified copy of the ex-spouse’s death certificate.
    • Bride and Groom must arrive to Cancun at least three working days prior to the wedding ceremony to meet with the wedding coordinator and submit all documents.
  • Cancun Extra Requirements: All documents must be translated into Spanish and require apostilles*. Blood tests must also be administered in Mexico. You can also do a symbolic ceremony in Cancun and get officially married at home before you leave. This is very common to avoid extra expenses, blood tests and extra leg work on documentation.


  • Cost: US $167.
  • Waiting Period: 3 days residency
  • Extra Requirements: Written registration 2 months prior to wedding date, proof both parties are eligible for marriage.


  • Cost: US $15.
  • Waiting Period: 5 days; 2 – 3 working days to process application.
  • Extra Requirements: proof of single status (letter from lawyer stating individual have the legal right to get married)


  • Cost: US $80.
  • Waiting Period: 24 hours


  • Cost: Varies
  • Waiting Period: 3 full business days
  • Extra Requirements: All documents must be translated into Spanish and require apostilles*. You can also do a symbolic ceremony in Punta Cana and get officially married at home before you leave. This is very common to avoid extra expenses and extra leg work on documentation.


  • Cost: Approximately US $400
  • Waiting Period: 2 days residency; 2 days for license.


  • Cost: US $185.00 for marriage license, US $8 in stamps.
  • Waiting Period: 1 day before acquiring marriage license.
  • Extra Requirements:  Application must be made in person at the Ministry of Legal Affairs in St Vincent


  • License RequirementsREQUIREMENTS TO OBTAIN A MARRIAGE LICENSE IN THE TURKS & CAICOS ISLANDSPhoto identification/ passport idBirth certificate.

    From a certificate of no-impediment the registry, country/state where you reside.

    Affidavit of single status (office will provide form)

    Divorce decree

    Death certificate (if widow or widower) and, copy of marriage certificate verifying the marriage between the deceased spouse and declarant.

    Copy of legal status (work permit or immigration status)

    Two (2) declaration forms

    Application form for special license. (application form can be obtained from the registrar general’s office or from any marriage officer)

    Copy of TCI immigration arrival and departure stamp

    Visitors or tourist must be in the Turks and Caicos 48hours before submitting application.

    Persons under the age of 21 years must have consent from parents or guardians.

    Application fee- $250.00

    All copies of documents must be notarized and sealed.
    The 22nd day of July 2011 is appointed as the day on which the Marriage Amendment Ordinance 2011 shall come into operation.

    Section 12 of the Marriage Ordinance is amended, by inserting after subsection (2) the following new subsection
    Marriage License Amendment

    “(2A) Notwithstanding subsection (2) (b), the Governor may in respect of persons arriving in the Islands aboard a Cruise Ship intending that a marriage shall be solemnised between them in the Islands, grant a special license for a marriage to be solemnised between them the same day of their arrival in the Islands.” Cruise Ship passengers can now apply for a SPECIAL LICENSE for a marriage here in Turks and Caicos Islands on the same day of arrival!

    For further information please contact the registrar general’s office Turks & Caicos islands tel:649-946-2801

    Note: Marriage Licenses are issued at the office of the Registrar in Providenciales. This office is open to the public Mondays to Fridays between the hours of 9:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Please be advised that any Passports or documentation written other than in English should be translated in advance and notarized by the applicable consulate.


    Marriage License Requirements
    Marriage Officers & Registrars
    Application for Special License
    Marriage License Amendment


  • Cost: US $50, US $200 fee to be married in the court by a judge. Payment to be made by money order or cashier’s check.
  • Waiting Period: 8 days from receipt of notarized application – couple need not be on-island

The above information is subject to change at any time.